The Regulatory Representatives and Managers Association (“RRMA”) represents service providers and supports industries and businesses in complying with the regulatory requirements, which helps them meet global expectations efficiently.
[RRMA Event] RRMA General Assembly 2023
[RRMA Event] RRMA General Assembly 2023

[RRMA Event] RRMA General Assembly 2023


The Regulatory Representatives & Managers Association (RRMA) cordially invites you to participate in the RRMA Annual General Assembly 2023. Join us for a day of discussions centered around the global regulatory landscape and the increasingly influential role of Regulatory Representatives and Managers (RRMA).

Why Attend the RRMA General Assembly 2023?

This exclusive gathering for RRMA members presents an opportunity to:

  • Enrich your professional network: This event provides an opportunity for exposure to an international audience as it will be held as part of the Asian Chemicals Forum 2023.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of RRMA.
  • Participate in invaluable regulatory knowledge sharing.
  • Actively contribute to shaping the future events of RRMA.
  • Date & Time: 5 September 2023 (15:00- 16:00)
  • Place: India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India

Exclusive for RRMA members, this event offers FREE admission and is a significant component of the prestigious Asian Chemicals Forum 2023 programme.

If you are a Corporate Entity Member, you are welcome to nominate up to three employees from your corporation who can participate in this event.

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