Certified Regulatory Professionals Program (Chemicals) 
Certified Regulatory Professionals Program (Chemicals) 

Certified Regulatory Professionals Program (Chemicals) 

About the course


This is an online E-learning course specifically designed for those who would like to learn and specialize in chemical product regulatory compliance resulting in a Certified Regulatory Professionals (Chemical) Certificate from RRMA. It covers essential topics related to regulatory compliance, safety standards, and best practices in handling chemical products. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of compliance requirements and how to ensure adherence to regulations in their respective industries. 

Learning Objectives for a regulatory professional in chemical sector (Regulatory manager, Compliance manager, Regulatory affairs manager etc.).  : 

    • Understand the role of a regulatory professional (Regulatory manager, Compliance manager, Regulatory affairs manager etc.) within various existing regulations impacting its business.  

    • Good general understanding of the regulatory regime, technical standards, obligations and/or barriers know how, why, what, how, etc.  

    • Understanding of Technical standards/regulations in chemical sectors 

    • Identifying regulatory needs and compliance requirements within industry 

    • Understand and interpret the SDS and take necessary actions

    • Understand and interpret the chemical safety assessment and take necessary actions.

    • Understand and interpret the Harmonized classification system of chemicals and take necessary actions. 

    • Understand and interpret the compliance responsibility within the supply chain. 

    • To be able to advise on the compliance requirement and strategy requirement of the organization. 

    • Understanding market driven voluntary standards and certifications in chemical sectors and making appropriate choices 

Course Modules 

Section 1: General 

    • Module (1.1 & 1.2): General Introduction to technical regulations 

    • Module 1.3: The structure of Technical Regulations 

    • Module 1.4: Good Regulatory Practices 

    • Module 1.5: Regulatory Impact Assessment 

    • Module 1.6: Roles in regulations  

    • Module 1.7: FTAs/Mutual Recognition Agreements 

    • Module 1.8: Accreditation  

    • Module 1.9: GLP 

Section 2: Technical Regulations on Chemicals 

    • Module 2.1: Types of Technical Regulation on Chemicals 

    • Module 2.2: International conventions on use of Chemicals 

    • Module 2.3: UN Conventions 

    • Module 2.4: Prominent global Regulations 

    • Module 2.5: Emerging Scenarios in Chemical regulations 

    • Module 2.6: Country Specific Regulations on Chemicals: India 

Section 3: Voluntary certifications applicable to chemical industry 

    • Module 3.1: Voluntary certifications 

    • Module 3.2: Sustainability certifications 

Eligibility criteria:  

One of the following scenarios must apply:

    • Diploma in Science or Technology with a minimum of 7 years of experience in relevant industry 

    • Graduate in Science or Technology with a minimum of 5 years of experience in relevant industry. 

    • Postgraduate in science or technology with a minimum of 3 years of experience in relevant industry 

Mode of Delivery: 

The course will be delivered online through a LMS platform, allowing participants to access materials and lectures at their own convenience. Although live online lectures will take place, Self-paced learning is also possible, enabling individuals to balance their professional commitments with their educational pursuits. 

Course Format: 

    • Each lecture will be a maximum of 1 hour (45 minutes + 15 min Q&A) 

    • Some modules may require multiple lectures to cover complex topics in depth. 

    • Additional reading material will be provided to supplement lecture content and enhance understanding. 


Assessment will be based on multiple-choice questions and answers, designed to evaluate participants’ comprehension of course material and their ability to apply concepts in practical scenarios.  

Course fees: 

The fee for this online course is 65,000 INR (approx. 780 USD) for non-RRMA members. For RRMA members, there is a 20% discount, which is 52,000 INR (approx. 625 USD). The fee is charged prior to the start of the course. The payment covers access to E-learning courses, exam, and administration.  

Other discount can be also applied if you meet the requirements below. If you are eligible for the discount, please feel free to contact us.  

32% discount (44,200 INR (approx. 530 USD)) for:  

    • NGOs  

    • Government employees  

    • Micro and small size companies  

    • Medium and large companies: Groups of people 50 or more. 

20% discount (52,000 INR (approx. 625 USD)) for: 

    • RRMA Members  

    • Medium and large companies: Groups of up to 501 people (RRMA members) 
      [Note : 1 1-3 participants are considered individual applicants and any no. of participants between 4 up to 50 are considered a group under this category.] 


With the successful completion of online modules and exams, participants will receive Certified Regulatory Professionals (Chemicals) certification from RRMA. 


The registration is now open! The E-learning course has a limited spot for 50 participants. Register as early as possible. 

To register for this course, please fill in this registration form. 

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