November Quality Month Program for Quality Professionals from CCC
November Quality Month Program for Quality Professionals from CCC

November Quality Month Program for Quality Professionals from CCC

November Quality Month 2022 (Consultants Consortium of Chennai)

We are happy to announce that we are the new Chemical Regulation Knowledge Partner of Consultants Consortium of Chennai – CCC.

Our members will be presenting at the Technical Session 1: ‘Does India need multiple Accreditation Bodies?’ (Mr. Anupam Kaul) and Technical Session 3: ‘Chemical Regulations in India – Way Forward’ (Mr. Geert Dancet & Mr. Shisher Kumra as a panelist).

Global Theme – Quality conscience: Doing the Right Thing

World Quality Month / Quality Week is celebrated globally from Nov 7th – Nov 11th 2022

The main objective of this year on year engagement, during the month of November  which is considered as World Quality Month globally, is to bring all stakeholders to Quality join global conversations related to Quality Standards, Certifications and Regulations  Certifications.

The main purpose behind this annual celebrations is to raise the level of Quality Awareness, Quality Focus in a business establishment, market place ecosystem and also to recognize the efforts and contributions of Quality Professionals and various other Stakeholders to the Conformity Assessment domain.

We may wonder about the need to celebrate Quality Day, Quality Week and Quality Month etc since Quality adherence is considered to be a 365 days, 24X7 affair. Some opinions at the market place of late is that is Celebrating Quality Month is becoming a ritual, by declaring Slogans, showcasing Quality badges, banners, hosting discussions or trainings, conducting, quizzes and poster competitions etc related to Quality topics.

However conducting continuous market place conversations, discussions, debates guide and help multiple stakeholders to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Quality ecosystem; enhancing the understanding of the ways and means of overcoming the challenges; and ultimately the focus is on strengthening the ecosystem to offer ASSURANCE on QUALITY to communities at large.

Global Theme of November Quality Month 2022 is on ‘Quality Conscience: Doing the right thing’ .

The Theme is so apt and relevant, considering the roller coaster ride the Quality is subjected to at the market place, by various stakeholders – Governments, Policy Makers, Export/Trade Promotion Councils, Regulators, Accreditation Bodies, Certification Agencies, Testing and Inspection bodies, Industry Forums, Consultants, Communities etc.

Hence Consultants Consortium of Chennai is creating a day long discussions on Quality and doing it right with conscience in alignment with Global Quality Theme for 2022.

This is an annual initiative from CCC to bring all stakeholders together , across the globe and create conversations around Quality.

Sessions are delivered through virtual mode and open for stakeholders across all sectors.

These are rich knowledge sessions and are created free for all to join.

We are creating 3 Technical Sessions.

Program Registration :

Program Registration is open for all.

There is NO Registration Fee. However prior registration is a must.

All interested stakeholders can register for the program by using the following link :

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Program Agenda

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