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Mangesh Barbate

Mangesh Barbate

Mr. Mangesh Barbate

Mangesh Barbate is the COO of Global Product Compliance (GPC). He is specialized in global regulatory compliance solutions across several sectors and has 12+ years of experience.

Mr. Mangesh has carried out extensive research regarding the European REACH regulation and has handled 1200+ substance registrations within ECHA (European Chemical Agency). He has is master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Nagpur.

Apart from his experiences with the EU REACH regulation, Mr. Barbate has expertise in regulations that regard Korea (K-REACH), the UK (UK-REACH), China (China-REACH), Turkey REACH (KKDIK), EURASIA, Australia (AICS) and the Thailand Chemical regulation, and he is well versed in the upcoming chemical regulations across the world, including India.

Mr. Barbate’s main focus has been the key areas of aligning the clients’ regulatory requirements for registration and preparing the technical documents for a successful submission to the authorities.

He also plays a vital role in explaining and creating awareness amongst various stakeholders regarding the requirements and obligations for chemical compliances to ensure smooth business operations. To meet these demands, Mr. Barbate works on providing solutions as per the requirements of sustainable chemical management and he develops teams with technical knowledge. He also handles the technical team, which involves toxicological experts. They focus on environmental toxicity and ecological toxicology to comply with the REACH regulation. While preparing the technical dossier, he has gained knowledge of various software’s like IUCLID, Chesar, QSAR toolbox, EPI Suite, etc.

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