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[e-Learning Course] Fundamentals in Regulatory Management (Chemicals)

RRMA Regulatory course with IIM Mumbai

The Fall Course 2023 (September start) is full and its registration is closed. Any new sign-ups will be registered in the Spring Course 2024 (March) on the same topics: Fundamentals in Regulatory Management of Chemicals.

About the course

Fundamentals in Regulatory Management (Chemicals)  is an online E-learning course aimed for those who would like to know more about product compliance and its related chemical regulatory requirements. The course is open to students and working professionals. The course is developed by Regulatory Representatives and Manager Association (RRMA), IIM Mumbai (Indian Institute of Management Mumbai), former name as ‘NITIE’ and Global product compliance (GPC)

This course is an introduction to product compliance and its related chemical regulatory requirements and developments. It introduces key terms and concepts and explains the general approach from a global perspective. Topics addressed include:

  • What are product related technical regulations?  
  • What are the international conventions on use of chemicals?  
  • How to regulate chemicals via technical regulations?  
  • Where can information about hazards and risks of a chemical be found? 
  • How are chemicals managed on a national, regional and global level? 
  • What are the linkages between product sustainability and ESG and climate strategies?  

Course modules 

  • Module 1: Sustainable Development Frameworks 
  • Module 2: Introduction to Product compliance 
  • Module 3: Governance of Chemicals Compliance 
  • Module 4: Introduction to GHS, Chemical Classification and Labelling 
  • Module 5: Introduction to National Chemical Regulations 
  • Module 6: Compliance Management 
  • Module 7: Sustainable Supply Chain Management 

Target Audience 

  • Working Executives: individuals who are working in relevant field with product/chemical compliance 
  • Student: students who are currently enrolled in Higher Education Studies, post-graduates 

Course Fee 

The fee for this online course is 50,000 INR (approx. 615 USD) for non-RRMA members. For RRMA members, there is a 20% discount, which is 40,000 INR (approx. 490 USD). The fee is charged prior to the start of the course. The payment covers access to E-learning courses, exam, and administration.

Other discount can be also applied if you meet the requirements below. If you are eligible for the discount, please feel free to contact us.

32% discount (34,000 INR (approx. 415 USD)) for:

  • Students
  • NGOs
  • Micro and small size companies
  • IIM Mumbai (Indian Institute of Management Mumbai) Alumni – NITIE Alumni
  • Medium and large companies: Groups of up to 50 people
  • Government Employees

20% discount (40,000 INR (approx. 490 USD)) for:

  • RRMA Members
  • Medium and large companies: Groups of people 50 or more


With the completion of online modules, exercises and exams, participants will receive a course certification. 

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Learn about India’s Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) – the National Standards Body of India and its related certification requirements. The list of chemical and chemical related products that requires BIS certification is constantly being extended and updated. The course’s three in-depth modules present all aspects of the BIS certification requirements for chemical substances and chemical related products. ​


  • What is BIS and who is affected by BIS schemes? ​
  • Chemicals and chemical related products that are regulated under BIS ​
  • Registration process of Chemicals under BIS for Indian Manufacturers and Oversea companies ​
  • Document preparation and timeline for compliance ​
  • Requirements for factory Inspections ​
  • Recent updates of BIS and future development 


Module 1: Introduction of BIS ​

  • What is BIS and who is affected by BIS schemes? ​
  • Objectives of BIS and similar standards in other countries
  • Linkages between BIS and Quality Control Orders
  • Role of Authorized Indian Representatives (AIR)
  • Fee and Timeline for BIS Registration 
  • Validity of certificate and samples 

Module 2: Registration Process and Timeline ​

  • Process of Chemical Registration under BIS for Indian Manufacturers ​
  • Process of Chemical Registration under BIS for Oversea companies 
  • Component of registration and timelines 
  • Document requirements for BIS

Module 3: Compliance Strategies 

  • ​Successful cases of BIS licenses ​
  • Requirements of Factory inspection of Indian manufacturer and overseas companies 
  • Chemicals that are under BIS schemes and those in planning  
  • Compliance advice for both Indian and Oversea Manufacturers 

*Course Date and Registration URL are currently not available. We will update them shortly.